Monday, April 7, 2014

Gorgeous Headpieces: Clips'n Pins

We love this new company of headpieces!  Mica was a bride of ours with an impeccable style.  Lucky for us, she is sharing her creations with other brides!

Beginning with a passion for all things beautiful, the idea of Clips'n Pins was born out of mix of unique experiences Mica has had over the course of her 29 years.  What started as a love for jewelry, fashion, gemology and art led her to pursue a degree in Art Appreciation and Gemology. This provided her with the critical eye and an extreme attention to detail which have become the hallmarks of her work.
Consistent travel between her cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires and her husband's small coastal Massachusetts town has meant that her style is an ever-changing blend of both modern city and romantic country aesthetics.
SILK flowers, soft fabrics and hard metals combine with crystals and pearls to produce pieces that showcase her original designs and vision while remaining committed to creating the best quality pieces possible.
A life full of unique influences and the best materials result in one of a kind handmade works of art.

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